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[Hawai'i Place Names]

1. Church, Puakō, Hawaiʻi. On the shore of Puakō. One of fourteen churches built by the Reverend Lorenzo Lyons, it was dedicated on March 21, 1859. Lyons was a noted Hawaiian linguist and composed many songs before his death in 1886. "Hawaiʻi Aloha," his most famous composition, was rediscovered during activist movements in the 1970s and has become the unofficial state anthem. 2. Church, Punaluʻu, Hawaiʻi. On a hill overlooking Punaluʻu Beach. Memorial chapel for Henry Opukahaia (1792-1818), the Hawaiian whose conversion to Christianity in Connecticut was in part responsible for the arrival of the first Christian missionaries in Hawaiʻi in 1820. Constructed by the Congregational Christian Churches of Hawaiʻi and completed on April 20, 1957. Lit., morning star or Venus. Hōkūloa, or Hokuao as it is alternately known, is the morning star, which is actually the planet Venus seen in the morning. It has long been associated with the American Protestant Mission in Hawaiʻi and was the name of their ship that served Micronesia.

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