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[Hawai'i Place Names]

1. Beach, dive site, snorkeling site, reef, surf site, wind-surf site, Hāʻena, Kauaʻi. Calcareous sand beach at Hāʻena Point that is fronted by a massive, hook-shaped reef. The reef forms a lagoon within its hook that is a summer anchorage, a snorkeling site, and a dive site. Surfing and windsurf sites are outside of the reef. Surfers use a variety of phrases to describe riding inside a wave as it breaks over them, including being in the barrel, in the pipe, in the tube, and in the tunnel. The first surfers here in the 1950s were excited about discovering a site with long inside-the-wave rides, so they named it Tunnels. The name now includes the reef, beach, and point inshore of the surf site. Also known as Mākua. 2. Surf site, Kaluakoʻi, Molokaʻi. South end of Pāpōhaku Beach fronting a concrete tunnel in the backshore, the only remnant of a former sandmining operation that was terminated in 1975.

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