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[Hawai'i Place Names]
Turtle Bay

1. Dive site, Kīholo, Hawaiʻi. Kīholo Bay is a special fisheries management area, designed to protect the turtles that feed and rest here. It is one of the major habitats on the island for green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles, so divers also know it as Turtle Bay. 2. Gathering site, Hāmākua Poko, Maui. Rocky shore between Hoʻokipa Beach Park and Māliko Bay. Also known as Kaheʻa. 3. Surf site, Kahuku, Oʻahu. On the west side of Kalaeokaunu Point, the point on which the Turtle Bay Hilton Hotel is sited. Turtle Bay was a popular name for the bay to the west of the hotel that was legitimized on August 1, 1983, when the Hilton Hotels in Hawaiʻi took over management of the hotel and changed its name from the Kuilima Resort to the Hilton Turtle Bay Golf and Tennis Resort.

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