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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

1. n. Brains, bone marrow. Kau ka lā i ka lolo, the sun rests on the brains [it is noon; usually now without other connotation, but formerly believed a time with great mana as a man's aka (shadow, image) was no longer visible and was thought to have entered his sacred head—Nānā 123–4]. Lolo ʻeleu, active mind or intelligence. (PPN lolo, oily; PEP brains; cf. lololo 2.)

2. nvs. Religious ceremony at which the brain of the sacrificed animal was eaten (such ceremonies occurred at a canoe launching, start of journey, completion of instruction); to have completed the lolo ceremony, hence expert, skilled. He lolo ʻau moana, seafaring expert. Aʻo ihola ʻo Hale-mano i ka hula … pau ke aʻo ʻana, lolo ihola i ka puaʻa (FS 275), Hale-mano learned the hula … after learning, a pig was offered ceremonially.

3. n. Pithy, white sponge in a sprouting coconut. Also iho.

4. n. Long slender pole placed above the second ridgepole of a house, functioning as a batten for the attachment of additional layers of thatch. Also lolo ʻiole.

5. n. First brew made from ti root.

6. Short for hīnālea ʻakilolo, a fish. (PCP lolo.)

7. Same as holowaʻa, sheath covering coconut flowers.

8. interj. Serves you right! I told you so!

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