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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

nvs. Chief, chiefess, officer, ruler, monarch, peer, headman, noble, aristocrat, king, queen, commander; royal, regal, aristocratic, kingly; to rule or act as a chief, govern, reign; to become a chief. Fig., kind (see naʻau aliʻi, ʻōpū aliʻi). Aliʻi nui, high chief. Kāna aliʻi, his chief (controlled directly or raised by him). Kona aliʻi, his hereditary chief; his chieftainship. Aliʻi kūʻokoʻa, independent chief, autocrat. Ua lilo ia i aliʻi no Kauaʻi ia wā, ā malalo mai ona nā kānaka o Kauaʻi, pēlā i aliʻi ai ʻo Makaliʻi (FS 233), he then became chief of Kauaʻi, with the people of Kauaʻi beneath him, thus Makaliʻi became chief. hoʻā.liʻi To make a chief, establish royalty in office; to imitate royalty; to treat as royalty; regal, royal, kingly; to be made an officer, be commissioned. Ua hoʻāliʻi aku ʻoia i kāna kāne, she treats her husband like a king. (PPN ʻariki.)

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