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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

1. nvi. House, building, institution, lodge, station, hall; to have a house. Many types of hale are listed below. Ua hale mākou, we have a house. Hale i luna a i lalo, a two-story house. hoʻo.hale To lodge in a house; to receive in a house. E hoʻohale ʻia aku, he makamaka ola, extend the hospitality of the house, [he is] a friend who extends appreciation. (PPN fale.)

2. n. Host, hospitable person. Cf. hale aikāne, hale kipa. He hale leo ʻole aku ia, he is a kindly hospitable friend.

3. n. Name listed by Brigham for a pāwehe mat pattern; there is a central large lozenge with an enclosed rectangular figure internally enhanced with red on alternate weft crossings.

4. Also hare. Hare. (Oihk. 11.6.)

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