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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

nvs. White person, American, Englishman, Caucasian; American, English; formerly, any foreigner; foreign, introduced, of foreign origin, as plants, pigs, chickens; entirely white, of pigs (Malo 37; perhaps Malo actually means of foreign introduction). See kolea 1. References in traditional literature are few, but these have been noted: He haole nui maka ʻālohilohi (FS 201), a big foreigner with bright eyes [referring to Kama-puaʻa, the pig demigod]. Hānau ke poʻo haole, he haole kēlā (KL. line 505), born was the stranger's head, that was strange. Hoʻokahi o Tahiti kānaka, he haole (Kua-liʻi chant, For. 4:375) only one people in Tahiti, foreigners. ʻĀina haole, foreign land. ʻŌlelo haole, European language, especially English. hoʻo.haole To act like a white person, to ape the white people, or assume airs of superiority [often said disparagingly, especially of half-whites]. Hoʻohaole ʻia, Americanized, Europeanized; to have become like a white person or have adopted the ways of a white man. (Marquesan haoʻe is probably a loan from Hawaiian.)

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