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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

1. nvt. To scratch, mark, check, draw, sketch, cut, cut open or slice lengthwise, as fish or animals; to operate, as on the sick; to give a grade or mark to; to engrave; a line in mathematics; punctuation or other mark, as an accent mark; stripe, as in the flag or of enlisted men in the Armed Forces; a grade, as in school; checkmark, long striped cloth. See kaha kiʻi, kaha palapalaʻāina. He hana kaha ea, deprivation of livelihood; lit., life-cutting activity. He aha koʻu kaha? What was my grade? hoʻo.kaha Caus/sim. (PPN tafa.)

2. loc.n. Place (often followed by a qualifier, as kahakai, kahaone, kahawai, and used without ke, as hele i kahakai, go to the beach); in legends, a hot dry shore (PH 74, 84; FS 173). (Gram. 8.6.) ʻO kēia ka mea ulu o koʻu kaha, this is what grows on my place. (PPN tafa.)

3. vi. To swoop, as a kite; to be poised, soar, as a bird (less used than kīkaha); to go by, pass by, to turn and go on; to surf, body surf (FS 153). Kaha ka lā ma ke kua o Lehua (UL 238), the sun passes to the back of Lehua [Island]. hoʻo.kaha Caus/sim. (PEP ta(f,s)a.)

4. vt. To desolate, plunder, cheat. Cf. pākaha. Ua kaha akula ka nalu o kuʻu ʻāina, the waves of my land have swept everything away [said of famine]. hoʻo.kaha Caus/sim. to extort.

5. n. Stage of a foetus in which limbs begin to develop. Also mana.

6. vs. Proud, haughty. Rare. See hoʻokahakaha.

7. n. A kind of tapa. (Kam. 76:111.)

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