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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

1. nvs. Sea, sea water; area near the sea, seaside, lowlands; tide, current in the sea; insipid, brackish, tasteless. I kai, towards the sea. Makai, on the seaside, toward the sea, in the direction of the sea. O kai, of the lowland, of the sea, seaward. Nā kānaka o kai, shore dwellers. Nā kai ʻewalu, the eight seas [a poetic expression for the channels dividing the eight inhabited islands]. Kai lalo, lower sea, i.e., western sea, where the sun sets. Ka mokupuni kai lalo, ʻo Kauaʻi, Kauiʻi, the island of the western sea. Kō a kai, people from the shore district. (PPN tahi, PNP tai.)

2. n. Gravy, sauce, dressing, soup, broth.

3. Interj. similar to keu. My, how much! How very! How terrific! Kai ka nani! How beautiful! Kai ke kolohe! Oh, how mischievous. Cf. kainō.

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