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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

1. nvi. Sound or noise of any kind; pitch in music; to sound, cry out, ring, peal, jingle, tinkle, toll, whir, resound, reverberate; roar, rumble, crow, resonance; to strike or tick, of a clock, to sing, as birds; voiced. Cf. leokani. Ke kani ʻana o ka leo, the sound or tone of the voice, intonation. Kani nā pele (song), jingle bells. Kani ka pila, play music. Kani ʻōkalakala, screech. Kani ka moa, the rooster crows. Kani ā hiaʻā, to grieve and moan so sorrowfully that one cannot sleep. Kani ā ʻuʻina, flash of lighting followed immediately by a peal of thunder. Leo kani, sweet or pleasant voice. Mākaukau, kī, kani, ready, aim, fire. Kani ka papa waʻa, the canoe floor sounds [a poetic expression applied to aged persons just before death, as the dead were sometimes laid in canoes which were placed in burial caves]. ʻUmi minuke i koe, kani ka hola ʻewalu, ten minutes before eight; lit., ten minutes remaining strikes the hour eight. Ua pūhā kēia lāʻau, ke kani ʻia ala e ka manu (Nak. 36), this tree is rotten, [it] is being made to sound by the bird [said of a tree not suitable for a canoe: see ʻelepaio 1]. hoʻo.kani. To play a musical instrument or drum; to cause to sound, honk; to crack, as a whip; to ring up on the telephone. See ex., pila 1. Hoʻokani pono, to tune, as a musical instrument. Hoʻokani pihe, to shout, roar, wail, as by a crowd. (PPN tangi.

2. vs. Strong, hard, tough. Cf. kani wahie, wīkani. He poʻe lākou i kani ka iwi ā ua noho wahine hoʻi, they are a people whose bones have hardened and who are married to women. Pūkoʻa kani ʻāina, a hard rock of land; fig., a tough fighter.

3. vt. To satisfy a need, particularly thirst; to drink. Cf. Kani-lehua. Kani ʻai, to eat. E ʻeleu like aʻe kākou, e kani wai ā hoʻi aʻe (chant for Ka-piʻo-lani), let's all hurry together, drink water and go home.

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