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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

1. n. The flower of the ʻōhiʻa tree (Metrosideros macropus, M. collina subsp. polymorpha); also the tree itself. The lehua is the flower of the island of Hawaiʻi, as designated in 1923 by the Territorial legislature; it is famous in song and tale. See nāpolupolu, pōkiʻi 1, ʻūpolu. Fig., a warrior, beloved friend or relative, sweetheart, expert (see lehua 9. The plant has many forms, from tall trees to low shrubs, leaves round to narrow and blunt or pointed and smooth or woolly. The flowers are red, rarely salmon, pink, yellow, or white. The wood is hard, good for flooring and furniture, formerly used for images, spears, mallets. (Neal 637–8.) It grows abundantly in wet areas (see ex., ʻūpolu). It was believed that picking lehua blossoms would cause rain. For rain and wind names associated with lehua see Kani-lehua, Kinai-lehua. Kini-maka-lehua, Kiu Wai Lehua, Līlī-lehua, Mouniani-lehua, Moe-lehua. See also lehua, Moaʻe Lehua, ʻōiwi 2 (chant). Cf. Marquesan heʻua (Lavondès, 1975, pp. 193–4.)

2. vs. Laden, as a lehua tree with beautiful blossoms. Ke hele lā ka papa ʻaina a ua aliʻi nei ā lehua, the feast table of this aforementioned chief was beautifully supplied.

3. n. Rainbow-colored mother-of-pearl shell used for fishing lure.

4. n. A variety of taro, used for red poi. Cultivars may be qualified by the terms keʻokeʻo (white) or maoli (native). (TC 4.)

5. n. Globe amaranth (Gomphrena globosa). Also lehua mau loa, lehua pepa, leihua.

6. n. A variety of yam; the stem has red wings and the tuber has light pinkish flesh. (HP 168.)

7. (Cap.) n.. Name of the small island just west of Niʻihau. As the westernmost of the Hawaiian Islands (except for the Northwest Hawaiian Islands), Lehua is associated with a setting sun (see chant, kalakalaʻihi). In poetry, the extent of the Hawaiian Islands is shown by coupling Lehua Island and Haʻehaʻe and Kumu-kahi on East Hawaiʻi (see welo 2, welona). A breeze is named for this island.

8. Pas/imp. of lehu 1.

9. n. Expert, as in fishing. hoʻo.lehua Swift, expert, strong.

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