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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

nvi. Calm, peace, shelter, lee, protection, shield, cloak; to lie at anchor; to be calm; to shield. Cf. lulu aliʻi, pālulu. E lulu hiwalani ana ʻoe (chant), you are sheltering the royal favorite. Lulu ʻia ke kai (Nak. 72), the sea has calmed. hoʻo.lulu

a. To lie quietly in calm water, as a ship in port; to be calm; to gather together, as objects, or to wait, as for transportation, See kahua hoʻolulu. Kiʻi lāʻau hoʻolulu (Kam. 64:18), fixed wooden images [as at Hale o Keawe]. Hale hoʻolulu, depot, waiting station. Hoʻolulu lei, to offer leis on an altar; the prayer uttered while making an offering of leis; lit., to make leis repose in peace and quiet. (PPN ruru.)

b. To chum, for fish; this type of fishing and fisherman.

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