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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

1. n. General name for destructive insects that eat wood, cloth, or plants; cane borer, weevil, tamarind borer, moth (Mat. 6.19); caterpillar in the cocoon stage; germ, bug. (PPN muu.)

2. vs. Silent; to shut the lips and make no sound. hoʻo. To sit in silence, to refuse to answer; speechless. (PPN muhu.)

3. vi. Gather together, of crowds of people. Cf. mui, mumulu. Kahi e ʻia ana e nā kānaka, place where the people gathered. hoʻo. Same as above; multitude, crowd; to cause a gathering. A pae aʻe i Kai-, hoʻomū nā kānaka (chant), landing at Kai-, people gathered.

4. n. A crab (Dynomene hispida).

5. (Cap.) n. Legendary people of Lāʻau-haele-mai, Kauaʻi, often called ʻai maiʻa, banana-eating Mu. Cf. Nāmū, Nāwao.

6. n. Bigeye emperor fish (Monotaxis grandoculis), perhaps named for the people. (PNP muu.)

7. n. Public executioner; he procured victims for sacrifice and executed taboo breakers; children were frightened by being told that the would get them.

8. Var. name for the kōnane game. See papamū.

9. n. Name of a small, yellow bird (no data).

10. n. The letter “m”.

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