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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

nvs. Stranger, foreigner, newcomer, tourist, guest, company; one unfamiliar with a place or custom; new, unfamiliar, unusual, rare, introduced, of foreign origin; for the first time. Malihini mākaʻikaʻi, sight-seeing visitor, tourist. Akua malihini, foreign or non-native god [an appelation for Pele since she came from Kahiki]. Kaʻu malihini, my guest [cf. koʻu kamaʻāina]. Lāʻau malihini, non-native or introduced plant. Ka hele malihini ʻana mai kēia ao aku ā hiki i kēlā ao, the first trip from this world to the other world [translation of “Pilgrim's Progress”]. He mea malihini kēia i kuʻu maka, I've never seen that before; I've seen this rarely. hoʻo.mali.hini To be or act as a stranger, guest; to reveal that guests are coming, as by omens. Ke hoʻomalihini mai nei kahi moa a kākou, our chicken reveals that guests are coming. (PCP man(i,u)(f,s)i(l,n)i; PEP if Easter manihini is not a Tahitian loan.)

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