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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

nvt. Thought, idea, belief, opinion, theory, thesis, intention, meaning, suggestion, mind (Mat. 22.37), desire, want; to think, estimate, anticipate, expect (see ex., leleʻoi), suppose, mediate, deem, consider (not the intellectual process of noʻonoʻo). See manaʻo nui. Kau nui ka manaʻo, think constantly, concentrate. Eia koʻu manaʻo iāʻoe (beginning of a letter), this is my thought for you. Ka mea i manaʻo ʻia, the one thought of [the intended victim of sorcery]. ʻO ka mea i hoʻopiʻi ʻia e manaʻo ʻia nō, ʻoia he kanaka maikaʻi nō, the accused party shall be presumed a good man. hoʻo.manaʻo To remember, recall, commemorate, reflect deeply on, meditate. See ʻōlelo hoʻomanaʻo. Hoʻomanaʻo aloha, to remember with affection. He hoʻomanaʻo, in memoriam. Mea hoʻomanaʻo, souvenir, keepsake, reminder, memorandum. Kia hoʻomanaʻo, monument, memorial tablet. He mau ʻōlelo hoʻomanaʻo, notes. (PPN manako.)

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