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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

1. nvs. Supernatural or divine power, mana, miraculous power; a powerful nation, authority; to give mana to, to make powerful; to have mana, power, authority; authorization, privilege; miraculous, divinely powerful, spiritual; possessed of mana, power. Cf. -āmana. Mana makua, parental authority. Leo mana, voice of authority that is obeyed. Mana kiaʻi, guardian power. Mana loa, great power; almighty. Noho mana, to wield power, occupy a position of power. Ke kumu … i mana ai ka ʻaoʻao aliʻi, the reason for giving the chief's side power. E mana ana nō i ke konohiki (Kep. 159), it is the privilege of the landlords. E mana nō ma ka lā ʻumi, effective on the tenth day [as a law]. hoʻo.mana

a. To place in authority, empower, authorize. He bila e hoʻomana ana i ke koho ʻia o nā luna mākaʻi, a bill authorizing the election of district sheriffs. ʻO nā kānāwai i hoʻomana hou ʻia, laws re-enacted.

b. To worship; religion, sect. Hoʻomana Kepanī, Buddhist; Buddhism. Hoʻomana kiʻi, idolatry, idol worship. Hoʻomana Naʻauao, Christian Science. Hoʻomana o Iesu Kristo o nā Poʻe Hoʻāno o nā Lā Hope Nei, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Hoʻomana Palani (Farani), French religion; Catholicism. Hoʻomana Pīhopa (Bihopa), Episcopalian religion; lit., bishop's religion. Hoʻomana Pōʻaono, Seventh Day Adventist; lit., Saturday religion. (PPN mana.)

2. nvs. Branch, limb, crotch; crosspiece, as of the cross; a line projecting from another line; stream branch; road branch or fork, variant, version, as of a tale; to branch out, spread out. Mana weu lani, branch with divine foliage (a chief). (PPN manga.)

3. n. Hook used in catching eels.

4. n. Stage in growth of fish in which colors appear; stage of a foetus in which limbs begin to develop.

5. n. A native fern (Hypolepis punctata), with large, much subdivided fronds. The dark-brown mature stems were used to plait the best hats, after being scraped to remove the pulp. Also olua.

6. n. A variety of taro used in medicine; it propagates by branching from the top of the corm. (HP 23.) Mana may be qualified by descriptive terms, as listed below.

7. n. A taboo house in a heiau. Cf. ʻaha hele honua.

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