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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

nvs. Big, large, great, greatest, grand, important, principal, prime, many, much, often, abundant, bulky; plenty, a lot, maximum, most, size, number, amount, bulk, volume, magnitude, quantity, dimension, extent, area, entirety, greater part, enough, sufficiency. Before a noun, nui may mean ‘group’, as nui manō, group of sharks, or nui manu, flock of birds. Cf. ʻano nui, haʻanui, hapa nui, mea nui, nui kino. Nui loa, nui ʻino, nui hewahewa, very much or many, abundant, too much, very large, immense, huge. Aloha nui loa, aloha ā nui, very much aloha [common salutations to letters]. Leo nui, loud voice, loud. Nui nā hewa, many mistakes. Nui lua ʻole, immeasurably large, tremendous. Nui iki, a trifle larger. Nui aʻe, larger. Ka nui mai auaneʻi kona kino, what a large body he has. Nui ʻino lākou, they were very many. Ua hele nui aku nei i kahakai, the many of them went to the beach. Ua hoʻi aku nei ka nui kamaliʻi, the great part of the children have returned. Ua nui kēia, this is enough. hoʻo.nui To enlarge, increase, multiply, magnify, exaggerate, add to, dilate; multiplication; to increase in volume, of music; crescendo mark in music. Hoʻonui leo, loud speaker. Hoʻonui ʻōlelo, wordy, verbose, padded, prolix; to exaggerate, boast, enlarge on the truth; to talk excessively. (PNP nui; cf. Nukuoro.)

2. (Cap.) n. Name of a star (no data).

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