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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

1. n. Spring (of water). Cf. pūnāwai. Puna-hou (place), new spring. Wai puna, spring water. (PPN puna.)

2. n. Coral, lime, plaster, mortar, whitewash, calcium; coral container, as for dye, coral rubber. E lawe ʻoia i ka puna hou e hamo i ka hale (Oihk. 14.42), and he shall take new plaster and plaster the house. (PPN punga.)

3. n. Section between joints or nodes, as of bamboo or sugar cane.

4. n. Cuttlebone, as of octopus.

5. Short for kupuna as a term of address.

6. Short for punalua. hoʻo.puna Same as hoʻopunalua.

7. vi. To paddle with the hands, as to start a surfboard on its way to catch a wave. Rare.

8. n. Spoon (preceded by ke). Eng. Ke iho ihola ke puna, the spoon is let down [the lower lip, of a pouter].

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