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[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]

1. n. General name for marine and land shells; beads, snail (Biblical). Lei pūpū ō Niʻihau, shell beads of Niʻihau. See lei pūpū. Mehe pūpū lā e heheʻe ana (Hal. 58.8), like the snail that dissolves [into slime]. (PCP puupuu.)

2. n. Any circular motif, as in tapa. Kōnane pūpū, checkerboard pattern [with rounded pits on each square, as on tapa].

3. nvt. Relish, appetizer, canapé, hors dʻoeuvre; formerly, the fish, chicken, or banana served with kava; to eat a pūpū. Cf. 9. Ā pūpū i ka ʻanae (For. 5:491), and mullet as appetizer. (PPN puupuu.)

4. nvi. Bunch, tuft, bundle, as of grass; bouquet; to be bundled up; three or four ʻuo tied together, to be used for featherwork. Cf. pūpū weuweu. Pūpū pili, bundle of pili grass. Pūpū husopa (Puk. 12.22), bunch of hyssop. hoʻo.pū.pū To arrange in bunches. (PPN puupuu.)

5. nvt. To draw or gather together; to draw tight, as a fishing net. Cf. pūpū lauoho, pūpū weuweu. Pūpū wahi kūʻōʻō ka mahi ʻai o uka; ola nō ia kini he mahi ʻai na ka ʻōiwi, the upland farmer gathers the small injured sweet potatoes; the multitudes find life, when the farmer farms for himself [though the potatoes may be small, the independent farmer supplies his kin].

6. See ʻupena papa.

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