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[Place Names of Hawai'i]

Land sections, quadrangle, trail, village, and park, Puna district, Hawaiʻi, famous for its black sand (see Kai-mū). Pele was attacked near here by Kama-puaʻa, the pig man (see Puaʻa-kanu; HM 187). A priest of Pele may have been named for Kala-pana. He had vowed that only Pele might cut his hair. On his way to the volcano he encountered a storm and went back to the shore. People got him drunk on kava. When he fell asleep they cut his hair. Later a woman appeared at the door and said that he would always remain there. He was turned to a stone, said to be still there by a pool not far from a Catholic church. (For. Sel. 276.) See Ka-laoa. Probably lit., announce noted place.

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