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[Place Names of Hawai'i]

Beach and cliff west of Haʻēna, Kauaʻi. After Lohiʻau died of love for Pele, his body was sequestered in a cave on this cliff. Hiʻiaka and her companion, Wahine-ʻōmaʻo (green woman), climbed the cliff, and with herbs and long prayers Hiʻiaka restored Lohiʻau to life. Three rainbows appeared, and they all descended to earth. (PH 107–152, painting p. 160.) In sayings, Kēʻē represents great distances and trouble: Aia i Kēʻē, there at Kēʻē (too far to bother about). (For. Sel. 81.) Lit., avoidance.

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