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[Place Names of Hawai'i]

Gulch, stream, and beach park, Wai-piʻo and Mauna Kea qds., Hawaiʻi. Mountains, Mākena qd., Maui. Pass and road from Schofield Barracks through the Wai-ʻanae Range, Oʻahu. A large stone at the pass on Oʻahu has been called a sacrificial stone, but it was probably never so used; others say the stone represents a woman named Kolekole who guarded the pass; students of lua fighting lay in wait here to practice their skill on travelers. In a battle here Maui forces killed the last of the Oʻahu people who had escaped the massacre at Niu-hele-wai. See Puʻu-kolekole. Lit., raw, scarred. (In one explanation of the name, a woman on the pass saw an apparently blind man approaching; doubting his blindness, she exposed herself. He opened his eyes and exclaimed, A ʻula, kole-kole! Red, raw!)

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