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[Place Names of Hawai'i]

Land division, park, playground, golf course, residential area, shopping center, schools, and stream near Fort Shafter, Honolulu (map 6), said to be named for two encampments (moana lua) at taro patches, where travelers bound for Honolulu from ʻEwa rested. The site contains extensive gardens that are maintained as a public park. The buildings here are Ka-mehameha V cottage, a summer house built in 1867 and given to Samuel Damon in the 1880s, and the great hall built in 1906 by Samuel Damon; many parts of the great hall, including carvings, were sent from China. An ancient maika field near here was called Pueo-hulu-nui (much-feathered owl) because owls from Kauaʻi and Niʻihau were said to meet here to participate in the battle of the owls. In another story, a young chief, Kūlaʻi-i-ʻAiea, fell in love with a girl bathing in ʻI-emi pool. He cried out Moana kā hoʻi ka wai o kēnā lua wai, how wide the water of that water hole. She accepted his offer of love. Much later, when Ka-hekili of Maui conquered Oʻahu he placed his son, Ka-lani-kū-pule, in charge of Moana-lua. After the battle of Nuʻu-anu, Ka-lani-kū-pule fled but was finally caught and sacrificed on an altar, probably at Puʻu-kapu. Ka-mehameha gave Moana-lua to Ka-meʻe-ia-moku. Next the valley passed to his son, Hoa-pili, then to Hoa-pili's adopted son Lot (afterwards Ka-mehameha V), to Ruth Keʻelikōlani, and then to Bernice Pau-ahi, who willed the entire ahupuaʻa to Samuel M. Damon in 1884. At the present time (1974) the Damon family is offering the entire valley, including Ka-mana Nui and Ka-mana Iki, to the people of Hawaiʻi as a park of more than 3,000 acres for preservation of native Hawaiian flora and historic sites. For noted places see ʻI-emi, Ka-hau-komo, Ka-mana Nui, Ka-pōhaku-luahine, Manō, ʻUmi-mua, Wai-ola, Wai-puka.

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