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[Place Names of Hawai'i]

Lane, Ka-lihi Kai, Honolulu, named for Judge William Luther Wilcox (1850–1903), son of the missionary teachers Abner and Lucy Wilcox; he married Chiefess Kahuila of Molokaʻi. An elementary school at Līhuʻe, Kauaʻi, is named for Elsie Hart Wilcox, daughter of Samuel Whitney Wilcox (1847–1929), an older brother of William Luther Wilcox. Miss Wilcox, a civic leader, was commissioner of the Board of Public Instruction 1920–1932. Wilcox Memorial Hospital, Līhuʻe, was named for George N. Wilcox (1839–1933). Wilcox Hall, Puna-hou School, Honolulu, was constructed in 1936 as a boys' dormitory with funds left by George N. Wilcox. See Grove Farm, Wai-ʻoli, Wilikoki.

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