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[Place Names of Hawai'i]

Village, elementary and high school, and junction, Kala-pana and Makuʻu qds., Hawaiʻi. Land section, Ke-ʻanae qd.; land section, Lahaina qd., Maui. Coastal area, Ka-malō qd., south Molokaʻi. Avenue, Ka-imu-kī, Honolulu, in some accounts named for a moʻo destroyed by Hiʻiaka; stream, Kaʻena qd.; land section, Wai-ʻanae qd., Oʻahu, where Kama-puaʻa was dragged by ʻOlopanaʻs men; they desisted from butchering him with daggers (pāhoa) when Kamaʻs friends said this would damage the body and make it a poor sacrifice. (For. Sel. 204.)

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