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1. The breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis), a tree perhaps originating in Malaysia and distributed through tropical Asia and Polynesia. It belongs to the fig family, and is grown for its edible fruits, sometimes for ornament. The leaves are large, oblong, more or less lobed; fruits are round or oblong, weighing up to 4.5 kilos, when cooked tasting something like sweet potatoes. (Neal 302–4.) See ex., pakī, and saying ule 1. ʻUlu hua i ka hāpapa, breadfruit that bears fruit on the flats [of the famous Niʻihau breadfruit growing in the sand dunes]. (PPN kulu.)

2. Round, smooth stone as used in ʻulu maika game; bowling ball; bell clapper; dice. Ka iki ʻulu kēia o Kanēkina e kōkē ai nā pine, a small [fellow] is this bowling ball of Kanēkina that knocks down the pins [boast of a small fellow who can do much].

3. Muscles in calf of leg.

4. Name for konāne stone.

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